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Driveways, Aprons, and Sidewalks

Permit Procedures

  • A permit is required for any new driveway, replacement driveway or widening of a driveway.

  • Submit a completed permit application.

  • Submit a copy of plat of survey showing the proposed location of the driveway (apron, sidewalk), the overall dimensions and the distance from the property lines.

  • Contractors shall be licensed with the Village of Posen prior to issuance of the permit.

  • Call J.U.L.I.E. (Joint Utility Location Information for Excavators) at 1-800-892-0123 prior to digging.


Zoning Requirements

  • Zoning approval must be obtained before building permit review.

  • All driveways constructed or replaced shall have a minimum width of 9 feet.

  • Single-family residential driveway apron and curb cuts shall not exceed 25 feet in width, exclusive of curb returns.

  • In residential zoning districts, not more than one curb cut per lot is permitted.


Concrete Driveways/Aprons

  • All concrete construction for driveways and aprons must be 6 bag mix and test at 3,500 lbs in 28 days.

  • Concrete driveways shall be constructed of well-compacted crushed stone or gravel having a thickness of not less than 4 inches surfaced with a minimum of 4 inches of concrete and reinforced with #10 6x6 steel mesh. Fiber mesh may be used in lieu of steel mesh.

  • Pre-formed expansion strips shall be installed at all joints where driveway meets sidewalks, aprons, curbs and vertical surfaces (walls, piers, steps).


Asphalt Driveways/Aprons

  • Asphalt Driveways must be constructed of crushed stone or gravel having a thickness of not less than 6 inches and surfaced with 2 inches of asphalt.


Brick Pavers Driveways/Aprons

  • Brick pavers driveways and aprons shall be constructed of crushed stone or gravel having a thickness of not less than 8 inches granular bedding and sand having a thickness of not less than 1 inch. Brick paving stones must be not less than 2-3/8 inches thick.



  • Private walks shall be constructed of minimum 4 inches crushed stone or gravel and 4 inches of concrete. See Concrete Guide for public sidewalk requirements.


Inspection Requirements

  • A base inspection is required prior to concrete pour, asphalt or brick pavers installation.



** All debris, frost and water shall be removed prior to concrete placement.

** Cold weather placement must follow ACI Guidelines “Blankets are required”.

** It is the property owners responsibility to properly position and locate any construction work on their property. The Village of Posen assumes no responsibility or liability, and any errors found will be the sole responsibility of the owner to correct.

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