Sidewalk Replacement Program to Begin

The Village of Posen is beginning an extensive project replacing sections of sidewalks. Work has already begun on the streets of McKinley and Campbell Ave. on Tuesday. Work will be continuing throughout the area bounded by Western Avenue moving west to Richmond Avenue and Walter Zimny Drive north to 143rd Street. This work will be continuing through the end of October. The work will require various parking restrictions during the day from 7am-3pm Monday through Friday.  When parking restrictions are necessary on your street the contractor will be posting signs at least 24 hours in advance and delivering notices to your house. We will try to keep these restrictions to a minimum however they are necessary to allow our contractors to access the areas needed for repairs.

This project is being funded through Cook County with A Community Development Block Grant. This grant will allow approximately 900 sidewalk blocks to be replaced this year. Sections of sidewalks will be removed and replaced. As work is completed grass and sod repairs will be made. We ask for your patience and cooperation during this project knowing the great improvement to our community that will be achieved once this project is completed.

If you have any questions or concerns you can always contact the Village Hall at 708-385-0139.