Village Guidance on Halloween Amid Covid-19 Concerns

Since the beginning of the COVID–19 pandemic back in March, the Village of Posen has remained vigilant in maintaining our levels of service for our residents and businesses while making every effort to protect the health and safety of our residents, visitors, business employees, Village employees and our first responders.

The Halloween holiday is coming up and we recognize that this is an important time for families and children to come together and connect with others in their neighborhood.

In the spirit of how we have successfully managed COVID the past 8 months, the Village will neither endorse or encourage Halloween activities on October 31. Our philosophy throughout has been to remain compliant and carry out the recommendations coming from the Illinois Department of Health. In these considerations we have made every effort to create an environment where we do not encourage people to congregate for anything other than the most essential business of the Village while our Administration continues day-to-day operations.

While the Village is not encouraging trick-or-treat as we would have in the past, we will not prohibit individuals from celebrating Halloween in whatever way they are accustomed.

Like so many activities and events that have changed this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, Posen families can expect Halloween 2020 to look a bit different as well.

The Village of Posen trick-or-treat hours will be on Halloween from 3 to 6 p.m. This year, please help in the effort to prevent the spread of the virus by following health and safety guidelines, such as social distancing and limiting contact with people outside of your immediate family. If you do decide to trick or treat, you are encouraged to stay in your immediate neighborhood, limit your visit to homes of friends and neighbors you know and wear a face mask at all times

Also, please be respectful of the fact that individual households may have different comfort levels with greeting trick-or-treaters at their door. 

Residents who wish not to participate in Trick or Treating and do not want visitors to their doors may download a sign from the Village to place on their doors indicating they are not participating. The signs will also be available for pick up at the Village Hall.

Village Not Trick or Treating Sign for Download Click Here