Village of Posen Awarded a Third Invest in Cook Grant

The Village of Posen is excited to announce being a recipient of a 2020 Invest in Cook Grant in the amount of $200,000 to move forward to Phase three of our project to improve pedestrian traffic through the Village of Posen in an effort to make public transportation more accessible, especially for physically challenged residents and the elderly. This is the 3rd consecutive year the Village of Posen was awarded this grant. So far, over $600,000 has been used to improve sidewalks throughout the Village, mostly through grant funds like this. Our project, “Posen Crosswalk Reconstruction and ADA Accessible- Phase Three” will remove and replace curbs and sidewalks that are in poor condition or are physical hindrance for persons with disabilities along 149th Street, Veterans Drive, and 148th Street between Palmer Avenue west to Sacramento Ave. This area has heavy pedestrian traffic to and from Public Transportation along Western Avenue as well as pedestrian traffic to our Commissioner’s Park. Often, elderly people in our village are experiencing difficulty walking through the community due to uneven sidewalks and the high curbs, some even experiencing injuries from falls. The condition of walkways and crosswalks throughout the Village were making pedestrian travel difficult and unsafe. Improvements to the pedestrian walks in the Village will ultimately improve the quality of life for residents and provide safe passage ways for residents to connect to public transportation provided through PACE along Western Avenue, Kedzie Ave. and 147th Street.

    Mayor Podbielniak said “During my campaign for Mayor I made it a quest to personally visit every residence in the Village to hear the issues affecting the Village residents. The biggest issue by far was the condition of sidewalks throughout the community”. Mayor Podbielniak experienced the terrible condition of the pedestrian walkways and the numerous hazards exposed as well as the liability on the Village. He has made this project a priority to address in the community. Since election to office, the Mayor has developed a comprehensive four phase plan to replace sidewalks throughout the village and make the area safe for pedestrians to walk through the community.

The 2020 Invest in Cook grant program encourages transportation investments that support the County’s priorities, including transit, cycling, and freight transportation.