Annual Joint Review Board Meetings – FY ending April 30, 2020 Village of Posen TIF No. 1 and TIF No. 2

The Village of Posen is required to hold an annual Joint Review Board Meeting including representatives of the following taxing districts and a public member.

  • Village of Posen
  • Cook County
  • Thornton Township
  • Bremen Township
  • South Suburban Community College District No. 510
  • School District No. 147
  • Posen Public Library District
  • Posen Park District
  • Thornton Township High School District No. 205
  • High School District No. 143.5
  • Public Member, Tom Smith

The meetings have been scheduled for April 14, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. for TIF 1 and immediately following, TIF 2, at the Village Hall located at 2440 Walter Zimny Drive, Posen, Illinois.  The meeting will be held remotely, and can be accessed on the Zoom platform.  Please see call in instructions attached.  The Annual TIF Reports will be reviewed at the meeting.

To view the Annual Reports in advance of the meeting, please access the Village of Posen website at and follow the link for TIF Annual Reports.

If you have any questions, please call Iryna Dziuk of Kane, McKenna and Associates, Inc., the Village’s TIF consultant, at (312) 444-1702 for information or any follow-up matters.  For Meeting related questions, please contact Jeannine Leveille at 708-385-0139.