Road Resurfacing Project Nearing Completion

On Friday, August 26, 2021 Gallagher Paving began a road resurfacing project On Richmond Street from 147th Street to 150th Street, on Sacramento Avenue from 147th Street to 149th Street, and Albany Street from 145th Street to 144th Street. Also complete were the entry points from 147th Street to the alley entrance on Troy, Albany, and Whipple which included regrading the north alley entry. We are pleased to announce that we are now in the final phase of this project as Gallagher Paving applied the top surface and made final adjustments to sewer heights. The last of the project will include grass repairs in the parkway where curbs were replaced. As grass is replaced we ask our residents to please help us out to water the new grass so it looks great for the spring. Finally… A huge Thank You to all the residents on these streets who help this project along by moving your vehicles and keeping the road clear. Your cooperation helped move the project along without any delays.

Mayor Frank Podbielniak meeting with the project foreman
Mayor Frank Podbielniak and Trustee Yesenia Lopez checking on progress of Street Repaving Project