Branch Pick-Up Now Weekly Every Monday

Throughout the spring and summer months, the tree branch chipper is now out every Monday April through October.  We pick up branches that are put in the parkway with the cut-side facing the street.  Tidy piles placed the correct way will reduce the time it takes to chip.  Longer branches are easier to handle and will also take less time.  Please refrain from putting anything out that is larger than 6 inches in diameter; the chipper has trouble getting these through because it is meant for smaller brush.  Public Works does not pick up branches that are put in the alleys.  Public Works employees trim every alley.  This is to insure that vehicles may drive through without being scratched and for visibility purposes. Residents must send a letter to the village to request large trees in the parkways to be cut down or trimmed. Residents cutting down entire trees on their property must make their own arrangements for removal.

The resident, not a landscaping company, must trim branches if they would like Public Works to pick them up.  Landscaping companies are to remove any brush they trim or cut down.

In the event of inclement weather on Monday, Pick up will resume the next day. If you like you can put in a work order request by calling the Village Hall at 708-385-0139.