Code Enforcement

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The Village of Posen employs several part-time Code Enforcement Officers and a combination of and part-time Building Inspectors. The Village’s code enforcement patrol the Village on a regular basis for code violations as well as answer complaints from residents and local business owners. Residents are urged to contact the Code Enforcement Officer if they have a concern.


The Village follows the following with local amendments:

  • International Property Maintenance Code 2003

The Village is trying to expend its resources, your tax dollars, in the most appropriate and efficient manner. Some neighborhood disputes that may be reported do not fall under our jurisdiction. We can act on behalf of the public at-large but not on behalf of one citizen against another.

Our neighborhoods are the environment in which we live and raise our families. Understanding the importance of preserving and improving the quality of our homes and neighborhoods, The Village of Posen has adopted codes that govern the use and maintenance of private property. The  Village Codes deal with both private residential property and commercial property.

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Code Violation Complaints

Many people are not exactly sure what to do when they have a complaint regarding a possible violation. What we advise is to first talk with your neighbor or property owner.

Politely explain the situation and ask for their cooperation in resolving the problem. If this effort fails, contact the Code Enforcement Officer. We are happy to discuss the situation and will explain what type of steps we will have to take in order to have violations corrected.

Necessary information to file a complaint:

  • The specific type of complaint or nuisance.
  • Your name, address, and telephone number. This information is kept confidential and is especially important if you leave a message and we need to contact you for more information or clarification regarding your complaint.
  • Provide the exact location of the problem. We will need the house number and street name. If there is no address,  provide as much information as possible regarding the location.
  • Provide a brief description of the violation or complaint.
  • If your complaint is regarding a vehicle, provide the license plate number, make and model, and color of the vehicle. State if the vehicle is on the street or private property.
  • If your complaint is regarding debris, provide a brief description of the type of debris. Examples of debris are car parts, building materials, old tires, and garbage.
  • If your complaint is regarding an on-going activity rather than a physical violation, provide us with a description of the activity, when it is occurring, and the day and times it occurs.

Complaint Process

If after an investigation of a code violation complaint, the Code Enforcement Officer finds that a violation has occurred or exists, further action will be taken to resolve the problem. Every effort will be made by the Code Enforcement Officer to utilize diplomacy, tact and friendly persuasion to gain cooperation in compliance with the Village codes when a violation is found.

Property Owners

Property owners will have the opportunity to discuss the violations and work in cooperation with Code Enforcement to correct problems that exist. If voluntary cooperation to correct the problem is not obtained, the Code Enforcement Officer can take the necessary steps to initiate prosecution of the violation through the legal system.


Please understand that many violations do not occur overnight, and the same is true for compliance. Just because you do not see anything happen immediately, it does not mean that we have not addressed the issue. Please be patient, as we would grant you the same consideration if the violation was on your property!

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