Halloween House Decorating Contest

This Halloween the Village of Posen is hosting a Halloween house decorating contest, First place is a $50.00 gift card and second place is a $25.00 gift card courtesy of our Mayor Frank Podbielniak.  The deadline for your entries is October 28th, 2018.

If you would like to enter please call the Village at (708)385-0139 and give them your address or email
the Village Clerk at

Posen Beautification Awards-October Winners

The Village of Posen Beautification Committee is pleased to announce
the October Winners for our monthly Beautification Award.

14721 Albany Ave.

14416 Troy St.

14410 Sherman Ave. September Winners

14424 Mozart Ave. September Winners

The Village of Posen Beautification Committee is pleased to announce
the August Winners for our monthly Beautification Award.

14316 Division St. August Winners

3143 West 145th Street August Winners


14546 Sacramento Ave. July Winners

14546 Sacramento Ave

2526 Walter Zimny Drive July Winners

Congratulations and watch for our August winners soon!!


Village Announces the 2018-50/50 Sidewalk Program

The Village of Posen will again, sponsor the 50/50 Sidewalk Removal and Replacement Program., providing residents with a cost savings plan. Sidewalk blocks in public walkways (5×5) will be replaced at a reduction of the normal cost. Residents will be charged half of the cost of the removal and replacement and the Village will absorb the other half of the cost.

As with any project submitted for bid, the contractor will require specific information. The price to replace one sidewalk block would be proportionally higher per block than replacing two hundred blocks. Any resident interested in the program should contact the Village Hall at (708) 385-0139. Please fill in the following form and submit this to the Village Hall. Everyone who turns in this form will receive a call from the Public Works Department after a bid has been selected and a price established.

EMA Volunteers Needed

The Posen Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is seeking volunteers who are interested in serving the community. EMA members meet monthly and regularly train in things such as crowd control, traffic duties, and first aid.

EMA’s role during an emergency such as a tornado or natu- ral disaster is to work with the Police and Fire Departments directing traffic, providing security, and assisting with evacuations and other duties.

Members are viewed as a critical component of the Village Disaster Plan. Interested persons should be 17 years of age or older, have a valid driver’s license, and be able to pass a background check.

If you are interested in joining please contact Fire Chief Kevin Szewczyk at 708-385-3110 or email at