Public Works

posen public works department

The mission of the Posen Public Works Department is to maintain the village infrastructure at peak performance levels.

The department employs a staff of up to seven technicians.  Our fleet of vehicles and equipment is stored in a temperature controlled facility located at 14900 Rockwell Ave. (past the viaduct just east of Palmer Ave. at 149th street).

The Department offers the following services to its residents:

  • Water Distribution
  • Read Water Meter
  • Water Main maintenance, inspection and repair
  • Water service repairs up to the meter
  • Roadway and Curb Maintenance and Repair
  • Plow and salt snow and removal of ice
  • Alley maintenance and grading
  • Street pothole repair
  • Traffic and Street Sign installation and maintenance
  • Painting of curbs, fire hydrants, intersection markets and handicapped street markers
  • Sidewalk inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Quarterly Street Sweeping
  • Parkway Tree Trimming and Removal
  • Grass Mowing and Weed Control on the Village Right-Of-Way and village owned properties
  • Continual Branch Pick-Up/chipping and parkway tree trimming
  • Storm Sewer Inspection, Maintenance and Repair
  • Sanitary Sewer Maintenace, Inspections and Repair – residents are responsible for sewer from home to the main sewer
  • Limited animal control
  • Provide maintenance and repairs at Village Hall, Police Department and Civic Center
  • Work in coordination with the Village Hall, Police and Fire Departments
  • Maintain village owned vehicles
  • Maintain Public Works vehicles and Equipment
  • General/Routine Maintenance within the Village

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