Posen Neighborhood Watch Program

Posen Neighborhood Watch Program

Meetings held on the 1st Thursday every
other month at 6:00pm at the Village Hall.

neighborhood watch program placard

For inquiries or questions about the Village of Posen Neighborhood Watch please contact our Crime Prevention Coordinator at 708-385-0277

The Objectives of Neighborhood Watch are:

  • To prevent crime by improving security, increasing vigilance, and creating and maintaining a caring community in an effort to reduce the opportunities for crime

  • To assist the police in detecting crime by promoting effective two-way communication and the prompt reporting of suspicious and criminal activity

  • To reduce undue fear of crime by providing accurate information about crime risks, and by promoting a sense of security and community spirit…particularly amongst the more vulnerable members of the community

  • To enhance the police/community partnership by providing effective communication through systems such as the Neighborhood Watch Block Captain Program. The Neighborhood Watch Unit communicates with Block Captains via e-mail, fax, phone or mail of local crime trends which they may then disseminate to their Neighborhood Watch members.

What is Suspicious Activity?

  • Someone screaming or shouting for help

  • Someone looking into windows and parked cars

  • Unusual noises

  • Property being taken out of houses where no one is at home or a business is closed

  • Cars, vans or trucks moving slowly without apparent destination, or without lights

  • Anyone being forced into a vehicle

  • A stranger sitting in a car or stopping to talk to a child

  • Abandoned cars

A suspicious activity is an occurrence that is out of place and should not be happening in your neighborhood. Report these incidents to the police department. Talk about the problem with your neighbors.

Our team formula is:
Neighborhood Watch + 9-1-1 = A Safer Village of Posen


Block Captains

The continuity and success of the Neighborhood Watch program hinges on the person referred to as the Block Captain. The “Block Captain” is a community member who acts as a liaison between those who work and/or live in a particular area, and the officers assigned to that area. Through the Block Captain, and through Neighborhood Watch meetings, officers pass along crime prevention tips and information to members of the community. This liaison is maintained on an informal basis within the framework of the Neighborhood Watch group.

Organizing and Maintaining

  • The defined Neighborhood Watch area must have at least 40% participation

  • Two training meetings: at the first meeting, you will learn the dynamics of Neighborhood Watch; the second meeting is about residential security

  • Creation of a communication/telephone chain

  • The Watch must be able to maintain an accurate list of members’ names, addresses, and telephone numbers

  • The Watch must be able to activate the communication/telephone chain and reach all members within a designated time period


How to Get Started

First, concentrate your initial effort by organizing those neighbors with whom you have occasional contact. For example, if your block is mostly single-family dwellings, invite neighbors on both sides of the street and adjacent corners. If you live in an apartment or condominium, include everyone in your building and in the adjacent buildings as space permits.

Secondly, talk to your neighbors and tell them you are starting a Neighborhood Watch and that you need their participation. Enlist the help of another willing neighbor to assist you. Introduce yourselves by going safely door-to-door. We suggest the following tips to encourage the neighbors to participate:

  • Tell your neighbors about any recent crime activity in the area. Inquire as to which evenings your neighbors are available. Generally, neighborhood meetings are conducted in the evenings Monday through Thursday.

  • Exchange phone numbers. Tell your neighbors that you will notify them when a meeting is scheduled.

  • Take this opportunity to get acquainted on a first-name basis. This is vital to the success of your Neighborhood Watch.

  • If you need a location for your meeting, ask if neighbors can offer their home to host this or a future meeting. Alternative locations, which can commonly accommodate a meeting, include local schools, places of worship, and libraries.

Lastly, call the Neighborhood Watch Unit at (708) 385-0277 with any questions about joining the Village of Posen Neighborhood Watch Program